Creativity, Inspiration, and the Importance of Dream Recall

The Crucifixion, though it did not take place in your day, was a fact and a reality. This has happened where time is not as you know it. About the same kind of moment as a dream is taking place. Its factuality has been sensed and referred to by centuries. It shaped the world of physical matter, not being a physical reality, in a way that no strictly physical reality could ever have.

The Crucifixion, which originated in the world of dreams, was one of the gigantic realities which transformed and enriched both the universe of dreams and the universe of matter. It was a significant addition of that area to your own which could be physically compared within the physical world to the birth of a new earth.

Christ's Ascension is... indeed a contribution to your own universe from the realm of dreaming, reflecting awareness within the dream system that man was outside of physical matter.

In the realm of dreaming, many ideas, innovations and realistic developments are merely waiting in abeyance before any man embraces them as possibilities inside his frame of truth. Imagination is the awakening of man's link with the dream world. Imagination also restates dream data and extends it within the real system to unique situations or concerns. Its effects may occur inside matter, but it is not physical in itself. The fantasy world always has ideas that will one day fully change the past of the profession, but a denial of concepts such as truths or possibility in practice holds them back and puts off severely needed breakthroughs.

The release of added energy into your conscious being will mean and result in those innovations. Ideas and principles are nonphysical facts that draw, focus and concentrate unaligned energies. In the expansive present of which the inner self is so conscious, the dream world is more closely present, as pretense, untruth and the camouflage of reality is not as active or relevant.

It can be said, then, that the dream world relies on you in several respects to convey it, in the same way that you often rely on it to find expression and to feel and sense what is physically removed from your world or reality.

The influence of every dream has true and ongoing physical, biological, electromagnetic, psychological and psychic implications. Many different variables and factors decide the type of dream or the types of dreams encountered by any particular person. I am now concerned about the experience of the dream as it exists in all of its detail and not the remnant of it that pride helps one to remember.

As a person, according to his ability and faults, constructs his physical appearance and atmosphere, and in accordance with his desires and inner needs, so does he create his dreams; and these communicate in their unique way with the outer environment.

However, with the ego at rest in sleep, the individual often allows communications and dream constructions through — past the ego barrier. For example, if his present expectations are faulty, when the ego rests, he may recreate a time when expectations were high. The resulting dream will partially break the circle of poor expectations with their shoddy physical constructions and start such an individual along a constructive path. In other words, a dream may begin to transform the physical environment through lifting inner expectation