Dream Recall Exercise


Try the following steps to boost the recollection of dreams: 

  • Decide that you will make the effort. Conscious resolve filters down to the subconscious and helps to establish a link between the states of consciousness. 
  • Hold a paper or tape recorder pad next to the bed. Easy planning is reasonable and also serves as a signal to your mind that you want to follow through.
  • Using the tag technique. Offer a name to the whole dream that comes from part of the action or a moment that is unforgettable. 
  • By writing down or recording the tag, you will be able to pull the entire dream out of your memory bank later when you want to record it. 
  • Write it down or record it on tape. Don’t try to decipher meaning as you record it. Simply get it down. 
  • Highlight the action, feelings, and any symbols that stand out to you. Put the dream aside and return to it later to interpret it.
  • Stop making a statement that you do not remember your dream. 
  • Memory as a mental faculty is one of the most sensitive to auto-suggestion; that is, we normally remember what we think we remember and we "forget" what we think forget.
  • "If a dream eludes recall temporarily, instead of saying to yourself, "I can't remember," think, "In a minute, I'll remember it. 
  • "It's coming back to me This always works surprisingly, and is an excellent habit to generally develop memory skills. 
  • If you feel a little ashamed to make these declarations to yourself when they do not seem real, take comfort in the fact that you will not be heard by someone else, only your subconscious mind can overhear and respond to what you say to be true.